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ELDON MAS0252515R5

38.96€ 44.80€
  • Gamintojas: ELDON
  • Dydis: 250x500x155
  • Saugumo Standartas: IP66
  • Prekės Kodas: e01mas03

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ELDON skydai spintos montavimo instrukcijas



MultiMount serijos spintos gaminamos iš vieno plieno lakšto, pasiekiama padidinta apsaugos klase - IP66. Praktiškos, efektyvios, su plačiomis galimybėmis išsirinkt dydžius ir vidinius aksesuarus. Spintos gaminamo


Body: 1.2mm mild steel / 1.4mm MAS0606021R5 and above / 1.5mm MAS1001230R5 and above, and 400mm depth enclosures. Gland plate: 1.4mm mild steel. Door: 1.2mm mild steel / 1.4mm MAS0606021R5 and above / 1.8mm MAS1006026R5 and above. Mounting plate: 2mm galvanized steel.


Folded and seam welded. Four 8.5mm diameter holes for wall fixing, pressed out in 20.4mm diameter x 2mm depressions to allow air circulation around the rear part of the enclosure.


Surface mounted with 130° opening. Concealed removable hinges with captive pin. Hinges can be mounted to allow left or right hand opening. From height 300mm and above there are studs to mount door profiles MMDP, and from height 600 and above the profiles are included as standard. Sealing is ensured by an injected one piece polyurethane gasket.


Customised lock with double grip for easy opening of the door. Double-bit 3mm insert and 90° movement. 1000mm high enclosures and above have espagnolette three point locking. Other inserts are available as an accessory.

Mounting plate:

The mounting plate is marked vertically at 10mm intervals for easy horizontal positioning of equipment. On the top and bottom there are holes to facilitate cable fixing. Fixed onto M8 press welded studs to the rear of the enclosure. All sides from 800mm and above are strengthened by folded edges. By using the AMG accessory the mounting plate position can be adjusted to any depth.

Gland Plate Opening:

Situated at the far rear of the enclosure to make cabling onto the mounting plate easier.


Complies with IP 66, and NEMA 4, 12 and 13. For outdoor installation the use of rain hood ARF is recommended, and the corrosion resistance must be taken into consideration.


RAL 7035 structure powder coating.


Enclosure with door, and two door mounting profiles from size MAS0604015R5 and above. Gland plate(s) with gasket(s), plastic double-bit 3mm key, and mounting accessories. Earthing facilities.


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