ELDON EKD-12h12w4d/2

653.67€ 874.90€
  • Gamintojas: ELDON
  • Dydis: 1200 x1200 x400
  • Saugumo Standartas: IP55
  • Prekės Kodas: 8713574166318

Prekės aprašymas


ELDON skydai spintos montavimo instrukcijas

Dviejų durų spintos gaminamos iš vientiso plieno lakšto, siūlo geresnį dizainą ir patvarumą. Šis modelis garantuoja lankstumą, išlaikant IP55 apsaugos laipsni.


Body and welded rear panel: 1.5 mm mild steel. Door: 2 mm mild steel. Mounting plate: 2.7 mm galvanized steel.


One piece enclosure body plus welded rear panel. Integrated depth profiles with hole pattern allowing mounting plate adjustment in depth.


Surface mounted with 4 hinges including door frame with 25 mm hole pattern and earthing studs. Standard doors can not be reversed.


External espagnolette 4-point locking system. Standard fitted double-bit 3 mm insert. It can be exchanged for standard range of inserts, Euro-cylinder and swing handle.

Bottom plates:

1 mm galvanized steel. Consists of two sets of two pieces or three (D>300) pieces.

Mounting plate:

Double folded and slides into position. Adjustable in depth by steps of 25 mm. Mounting plate is delivered attached on the outside of the enclosure packaging. Fitted inside for 1600 mm wide mounting plates. For 1600 mm wide, filler plate is included.


Door is equipped with welded earthing studs and earthing to the frame can be accomplished by using the ECF.


RAL 7035 structure powder coating.


Complies with IP 55, NEMA 12 and 13. IK 10.


One piece body with fitted doors, bottom plates and mounting plate, including door earthing studs. The enclosure is delivered on a pallet with identical width to the enclosure to allow installing of equipment without removal. Mounting plate is supplied on the outside of the enclosure packaging. All the packaging material is recyclable.

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