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Who we are?

„Energostar” is the biggest industrial electrical equipment provider in the Baltic states. 
We are specializing in retail, wholesale and distribution, as well as in complex engineer solutions, 
related to production automation and process efficiency. We offer quality production at competitive prices, 
from the finest and most respected manufacturers.  Our main products are the:  

-Electric motors, 
-Gear Motors, 
-Servo-Motors and  Servo-Drives, 
-Vibration Motors, 
-Frequency Drives, 
-Inverters and Power distribution systems, 
-Industrial Enclosures and accessories for Automation and Control applications,
-Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning. 

We provide up to 48 months warranty service on our products, technical support and engineering consulting. 
Fast delivery terms to Lithuania (next working day). We are proud, for more than 10 years of supporting 
and providing to our customers, whatever is required, to achieve their goals. It is Easy to do Business with Us!