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WAT electric motors

We are always interested in offering our customers more exceptional products at competitive prices. Therefore, we are glad to offer electric motor products by WAT, a leading Turkish manufacturer of electric motor and their components.



The WAT electric motors production company has been in business since 1965, earning itself recognition as a quality manufacturer throughout the world. The company is successfully cooperating with brands known on the international market such as Wilo, Lenze, Kuenle, etc. Since the very beginning, WAT has been a brand striving for quality, and therefore WAT products are made according to the highest safety and quality standards and are strictly tested. The company operates in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 quality management system fundamentals. In 2000, the company received a European Quality Award and other awards.

WAT manufactures all types of electric motors with typical dimensions for frame sizes ranging from 63 to 280, in power outputs of up to 110 kW. The company is able to offer special voltage motors (290/500V, 330/570V, etc.), special frequency motors (32Hz, 87Hz, etc.) and motors for low and high temperatures (-50 to 2000 C), as well as other special electric engines and solutions to order.

WAT manufactures motors:

• IE1 – Standard Efficiency;

• IE2 – High Efficiency;

• IE3 – Premium Efficiency;

• IE4 – Super Premium Efficiency;

• Single phase;

• Motors with brakes.

 You can learn about the wider range of products here or by calling our managers on the phone.

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